My cruises for luxury yacht rental dubai

My cruises for luxury yacht rental dubai


We salute Royal Yachts Dubai, where we recap the experience of chartering luxury yachts in Dubai. Enjoy a unique cruise aboard our exquisitely designed luxury yachts designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat in the calm waters of the Arabian Sea, hosting a grand party, or organising a corporate event in the best possible manner, we are here to meet all your needs. Every little piece reflects our commitment to excellence, from our unique team to the custom offerings.

When you tour Dubai’s famous landmarks like Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, you get a personalised service designed to create lasting memories, we have not only chartered yachts and pride ourselves, but offer beauty, pleasure and relaxing experiences . Experience the ultimate cruise with us and take a journey that exceeds any expectations.Welcome to the ship, where your ideal sailing is transformed into a real experience.

Entertainment and relaxation amenities

Below is a carefully selected collection of premium entertainment and relaxation facilities, created to revitalise your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being:

Escape Room

Harness your puzzle solving power by immersing yourself in a themed escape room experience. Collaborate with friends or family to solve puzzles, explain messages, and leave the room before time runs out.

Theme Park

Let your inner child go when you visit a playground. Enjoy thrilling roller coasters, spin mind-blowing teacups, or play classic carnival games.

Play paintball

Participate in a friendly (or not-so-friendly) paintball game with friends. Plan, seek shelter, and succeed.

Observing the stars

Get away from the bright lights of the city and find a remote location for stargazing. Recognize star patterns, admire falling stars, and contemplate the enormity of the cosmos.

Detailed descriptions of each yacht

Picture a massive steel ship designed for exciting journeys, measuring 100 metres in length. The Oceanic Explorer stands out from the average luxury yacht. This is an ideal situation for a true explorer, with reinforced hulls for polar expeditions, a helipad for remote landings, and a selection of submarines, jet skis, and tenders for exploring on land. Inside, there is a range of features including labs for scientific studies, a decompression chamber for divers, and a large mudroom for storing expedition equipment. Do not worry, comfort remains intact. The Oceanic Explorer features a gourmet chef's kitchen, a viewing lounge with expansive vistas, and a cosy cinema for winding down after adventures.

Elegant and quiet, the Whisper moves effortlessly through the water like a graceful swan. This 60-foot catamaran showcases modern design, with two hulls for great stability and a shallow draft for accessing hidden coves and shallow bays. The large decks provide plenty of room for relaxing in the sun, featuring comfortable sunbeds, a hot tub, and a bar accessible from the pool. The inside is like a musical composition of light and space, featuring tall windows that display the panoramic ocean view. The main bedroom is a peaceful retreat, featuring a personal balcony and a luxurious bathroom with a tub that overlooks the ocean.

The Windswift is a thrilling dream for those who seek the excitement of racing. This performance sloop, measuring 80 feet, glides gracefully through the water with a carbon-fibre mast reaching towards the sky, while its sleek design hints at high speeds. During competition, the deck operates smoothly like a well-maintained machine, with strategically positioned winches and coiled lines for quick manoeuvres. The attention below deck is on practicality, featuring comfortable yet small cabins and a galley optimised for on-the-go convenience.

The most Importance your luxury yacht experience

Your Customised Yacht Adventure

Experience a luxurious symphony of unmatched opulence on your own private yacht in Dubai, a sanctuary designed specifically for your innermost wishes. Picture large, sun-soaked decks where the touch of the sea breeze mixes with the sound of champagne flutes toasting a significant event. Imagine luxurious, beautifully decorated indoor spaces that radiate a classic sophistication, encouraging you to relax in unbeatable cosiness.

Exceptional assistance, predicting and meeting your every requirement

A dedicated team ensures that all your wishes are not only met, but exceeded. As soon as you step foot on board, their convenient service anticipates your needs before you even think about it. Let them take you on jet ski adventures, plan custom shore excursions to secluded coves, or set up a movie night under the stars, with the yacht's gentle rocking soothing you to sleep.

A place of peace and quiet

Walking in the vast blue ocean offers tranquillity and peace. Get away from the busy rhythms of everyday life and strengthen your relationships with those you care about. Soak in the soothing rhythm of the waves, their gentle vibration acting as a natural relaxation for the soul. Let the vast expanse of the ocean calm your anxiety instead.


Our dedication to outstanding customer service, unmatched luxury, and a memorable trip guarantees that your experience with us will be unique. We are committed to realising your ambitions, whether you are showcasing the Arabian Sea, hosting a business function, or organising an exceptional event.

You will see why discerning travellers choose Royal Yachts Dubai as you explore breathtaking beaches and vistas of Dubai from the decks of our luxury ships. Our independent staff maturity, luxury, and attention to detail makes for a memorable trip with ease . We invite you to travel with us and discover the true meaning of a luxury yacht. Book your dream yacht today and make a moment to cherish forever.

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