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    When renting vehicles from Royal Rentals Dubai, the following age limits are observed:
    Minimum 21 years oldMaximum 70 years old


    UAE Residents:
    - UAE Driving License
    - Emirates ID
    - Credit card* (valid for the next 3 months minimum)
    - Passport with Residence visa
    Non-UAE Residents:
    - International Driving Permit / GCC driving license / valid driving license from their country of origin (refer to Driving License Exemptions list)
    - Passport with entry stamp
    - Credit card* (valid for the next 3 months minimum)


    List of Exempted CountriesAlbania Estonia Italy Oman South AfricaAustralia Finland Japan Poland South KoreaAustria France Kuwait Portugal SpainBahrain Germany Latvia Qatar SwedenBelgium Greece Lithuania Romania SwitzerlandBulgaria Holland Luxembourg Saudi Arabia TurkeyCanada Hong Kong Malta Serbia United KingdomChina Hungary Montenegro Singapore USA Cyprus Iceland New Zealand Slovakia Denmark Ireland Norway Slovenia  
    International or Local Driving license in any other language other than Arabic and English should be translated into Arabic or English. The translation should be attested by the Embassy.
    Please note that in case the hirer’s Visit or Tourist visa in UAE is changed to a Residence visa, you will need to obtain an UAE driving license. This together with a copy of your passport with Residence visa page has to be submitted to Royal Rentals Dubai Immediately.


    The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). Prorated hourly rental is not allowed.

    A rental with less than 24-hour duration will be considered as a 1-day rental. Similarly, any excess rental period that is less than 24 hours is considered as an additional 1-day rental


    The hirer may reserve their booking via the following options:

    - Creating a booking online via Royal Rentals Dubai UAE website

    - Getting in touch with the contact center

    - Visiting any Royal Rentals Dubai rental desk

    The hirer should then present the corresponding electronic/paper voucher at Royal Rentals Dubai counter if booking was made through the website.


    The hirer may modify their prepaid booking online if done at least 48 hours prior to pick-up date and time, and will be charged with the corresponding fee(s). The total payable amount will be recalculated if the rates have changed between the dates the original and amended bookings are made. In which case, the latter prices will apply.
    Modification is Allowed For Modification is Not Allowed ForVehicle group Primary hirer’s name Pick-up location Credit card detailsDrop-off location Pick-up date and/or time Drop-off date and/or time Other additional products  
    If the hirer needs to change the primary name and/or credit card details, they need to cancel the existing booking (see "Booking Cancellation" under Booking and Rental) and make a new one with the correct details.
    Prepaid Booking Modification Type FeeHirer modifies booking 48 hours (or more) prior to pick-up date and time AED 250.00 (and rental fees to be recalculated based on applicable rates at the time the booking is modified) Hirer modifies booking less than 24 hours prior to pick-up date and time N/A (not allowed) 


    The hirer may cancel their prepaid booking online and will be charged with the corresponding fee(s). Refunds, where applicable, will be made to the credit card used on the original prepaid booking within 21 calendar days.

    Prepaid Booking Cancellation Type Fee

    Cancellation due to unavailability of hirer’s documents, or non-conformance to document requirements or other cancelation reasons is 20% of the total paid amount.


    20% fee of the total amount will be charged if the customer fails to show up for a prepaid booking that has not been cancelled prior to the pick-up schedule.


    If a client makes a prepaid booking but fails to arrive at the specified pick-up location within 2 working hours of the pick-up schedule (or if the location closes before then, by the location’s closing time), the vehicle may still be provided subject to availability. AED 250.00 (and rental fees to be recalculated based on applicable rates at the time the booking is modified)


    For rentals booked in the Royal Rentals UAE website, the hirer may extend their active rental by creating a new booking with pick-up date and time matching their current rental’s off-hire date and time. The website rates at the time of new booking shall apply on the rental extension.
    If the hirer fails to do so, they may request for the rental extension at any Royal Rentals Dubai rental desk, and the local rates and policies will apply on the rental extension.


    There will be no refund for unused car rental days once a Daily or Weekly rental has started.
     Fixed monthly rate will apply for hire periods between 21-30 days; pro-rata is not applicable. Early car return will automatically cancel the monthly plan, and the corresponding weekly or daily charge will apply.


    Only 1-hour grace period for late return is allowed. Beyond this, rental charges will apply per local rates and policies.


    Effective January 2018, Royal Rentals Dubai reserves the right to add value-added tax (VAT) on all services and rates, as confirmed and implemented by the UAE Government. This is applicable on all bookings for pick-up from 01-Jan-2018.


    Royal Rentals Dubai reserves the right to change the prices of its products and services.


    All prices are payable in UAE Dirhams (AED). Cash and all major credit cards are accepted as means of payment. Advance payment for the whole rental is required prior to collecting the vehicle from the counter.For bookings made on the Royal Rentals UAE website, the credit card used online must be presented at the time of pick up.


    At the time of vehicle pick-up, the main driver shall leave a security deposit, which shall be blocked on their credit card. The rental agent shall confirm the amount of security block at the time of vehicle pick-up.


    Royal Rentals Dubai reserves the right to change the prices of its products and services.


    FEE (VRF)

    Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) charges apply on all rentals.


    If the hirer picks up and/or drops off the vehicle at any airport location, Airport Fees (PRK) shall apply.


    Toll gate crossing (Salik) is charged at [actual price + 25% administration fee] + VAT.


    Any traffic fine incurred by the hirer is their liability and is charged at actual fine amount + (15% administration fee + VAT).


    If the vehicle is impounded, the customer is liable to compensate Royal Rentals Dubai for both the impounding fee and loss of rental.


    The hirer is required to return the vehicle with the same fuel level that it has when it was hired. Otherwise, a locally-determined refueling charge will apply + 20% fee.


    Abu Dhabi traffic department/police charges an additional fee for accident reports which is to be paid by renter. These charges are over and above the Insurance Excess charge.


    The hirer may purchase the Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for added security for the vehicle occupants. This provides for compensation in the unfortunate event of an accident involving the rented vehicle that results to physical injury or death of the occupant(s). Note that PAI does not cover hospitalizations.


    The hirer may purchase additional vehicle insurance for their rental to reduce their financial liability for damage to the Elite Rentals Dubai vehicle, its parts and accessories, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the hire agreement.

    - Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

    - Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)


    In the event of an accident involving the rented vehicle that results to vehicle damage, the payable insurance excess is based on the result of the police report and type of additional vehicle insurance availed by the hirer at the time of booking or hiring the vehicle.
    Things to Remember:
            - Basic Insurance is already included in the basic rental rate.
            - The hirer’s driving license should be at least 6 months old in order to avail the CDW or SCDW.
            - The hirer is responsible in obtaining the corresponding police report for any vehicle damage. Full repair fees will be charged to the client in the absence of police report.
            - Personal belongings or luggage are not insured.
            - Royal Rentals Dubai is not responsible for any personal belongings/luggage left inside the vehicle upon off-hire.
    Type of Vehicle Insurance Hirer at Fault Hit-and-Run* Hirer Not at FaultBASIC INSURANCE
    If no added insurance is purchased, the hirer will be charged with the full Insurance Excess (IXS). 
    Full amount of insurance excess to be paid Full amount of insurance excess to be paid n/aCOLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) 
    On purchasing CDW, the insurance excess liability in event of an accident is limited to 50% of the deductible. 
    50% of the insurance excess to be paid 50% of the insurance excess to be paid n/aSUPER COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (SCDW) 
    On purchasing SCDW, the insurance excess liability is waived. 
    n/a n/a n/a 
    * “Hit-and-run” refers to accidents wherein the fault cannot be attributed to a third party.


    The hirer is prohibited to use the vehicle under below conditions and activities:

    - when the hirer is under the influence of alcohol/drugs

    - racing, towing other vehicles, or off-road driving

    - any other activity considered against the UAE law

    The vehicle insurance does not cover any accident/damage resulting from any of the above scenarios. Any such violation would make the hirer liable to pay for the total damages to the vehicle and/or any ancillary damages caused.


    The vehicles may be driven only within the geographical boundaries of UAE, with the exception of Oman. Travel to Oman may be permitted subject to pre-approvals and applicable fees (see “Oman Insurance” under Value Added Services).

  • Monthly Rentals

    All monthly rentals (21 days and above) are subject to mileage limits and extra mileage charges (EMC).


    Daily and Weekly Rentals:

    All daily and weekly rentals are subject to mileage limits and extra mileage charges (EMC).

    Daily: 250KM per day
    Weekly: 1,750KM per week

    Monthly Rentals:

    All monthly rentals are subject to mileage limits and extra mileage charges (EMC).


    For any breakdown or roadside issue, the hirer may contact our customer care team.


    Delivery and collection services may be provided upon request.


    A second driver may be added at an extra cost. In addition to the main hirer’s documents, they shall also provide the passport copy and driving license of the second driver.


    Child seats for age bracket of 1-4 years old are available on request at an extra cost, and are subject to availability.


    Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation systems are available on request at an extra cost, and are subject to availability. In case of loss or damage of the rented GPS unit, all charges as determined by Royal Rentals Dubai is payable by the hirer.


    (currently not available)



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